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We are passionate about helping children cope better with the sensory information that bombards them every day. We gently train the brain to process sensory and language information more effectively with the aim to reduce meltdowns, improve social skills, develop speech and boost learning.

The SAS methodology is based on the latest neuro-scientific findings and has been developed to achieve long lasting improvements in ability, behaviour and well-being. For maximum effectiveness every course is personally designed around the abilities and needs of each client. We have already helped thousands of clients improve their daily life.

Easy - Effective - Affordable

Taking a SAS-Boost course is really easy as it does not require attention, following instructions or physical exercises and even works while asleep. By simply listening every day for a number of weeks to the specially processed music, speech and tones through a pair of headphones the brain gets a healthy processing work-out.

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The SAS-Boost neuro-sensory listening courses have been developed to improve sensory processing and speech development, but we also offer specially designed courses to enhance learning for school-aged children, reduce stress and anxiety in adults, and to help the elderly retain cognitive abilities or recover from a stroke.

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